The Middle of a Chapter

Life has its ups and its downs. It’s a roller coaster.

Do you ever feel that when you finally get one area of you life under control that another becomes the issue? I struggle with that…daily. And today is no different. There are always hopes and dreams followed by fear and doubt. They dance together in my mind. There are times when I have the faith to conquer and times when I feel utterly lost. Today I teeter between the two, unsure of my direction, unsure of my way. Encouraged by a gift and a calling. Discouraged by the inaction of others.

I found these words this morning. They speak volumes.

Hope and Dreams will Win!


I am not finished. My hopes and dreams are alive. Fear and doubt can be pushed by the wayside. I can strive to be the best version of myself. I can keep perfecting the areas in my life that need it and rejoice in the areas that have found success. I can share my journey with others to encourage them.

It is not the end. It is the middle of chapter. My story is not finished and neither is yours!

May we allow God to write the rest of our story!


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