Top 10 Lessons Learned from Spring Cleaning


Yes, I should have been tanning on a beach somewhere, but the Subaru greedily required that money for repairs, so it’s a staycation this year. Using my time wisely, I declared it Spring Cleaning. Here’re some lessons I’ve learned while cleaning my house this past week:

10. Don’t use bleach while wearing pants you’d like to keep one color…that isn’t white.

9. Don’t ask your children to pick up their toys unless you are ready to clean the play room at that exact moment, because if you get to it two hours later, it will be a mess again.

The smell of clean

The smell of clean

8. If you want a break, use up your favorite cleaning supplies or overheat your vaccuum. I did both…two breaks!

7. If it is broken, missing peices, or you don’t use it, wear it, or even like it, stop moving it and cleaning around it, just get rid of it!

6. Regardless of how long you think it will take to clean, twice that time is more realistic, especially if you have kids running around or a husband sick on the couch.

5. Visit your clean rooms often. It will inspire you to continue. Likewise avoid the messy ones, it’s just sad to look at.

Cupcake Paper Flowers

4. Take breaks to play with your kids and make crazy crafts. They are the reason you are cleaning…likely because they made the mess…so remind yourself why you love them!

3. If you forget to clean something in a room, don’t tell anyone. Just make sure you get the layers of dust off the ceiling fan before you turn it on this spring. That’s just an example. I cleaned it of course.

2. Even if you don’t get everything cleaned, it has to be better than it was.

1. Don’t fix your car next year. Take that money, go on an amazing vacation, and hire someone else to clean your house while you are gone!

And now back the grind…


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