The Great I Am: Media Monday

Yesterday’s worship service was out of the norm in many ways. We had a new worship leader, who lead us in powerful way! We began our new small group curriculum, which everyone seems excited about. And our Little Man brought a friend with him, which is a first of many we hope. It was a wonderful day of praise, worship, fellowship, and study. I felt truly blessed to be in that place at that time worshiping God!

The past week had been a crazy one and with the snow of last weekend, I had really missed my church family. It was good to have a time and place devoted to God without the distraction of work, of family (for the most part, Little Man still struggles to remain focused during worship), or of the world. In the midst of all my so-called problems, I really needed it. I needed to be reminded that God is the center, He is the focus, He is The Great I Am.

This song reminded me of that fact and moved me in a powerful way! Enjoy!

Remember that God is the Great I Am!


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