The Best Superbowl Commercials: Media Monday

“So, the Superbowl?” you ask. It gets a mixed review from me this year. I was pulling for the 49ers, though I really have no allegiance to them. The Ravens were strong in the first half and it looked like a blow-out. The second half began with that 108-yard return and things were not looking good for the 49ers. Enter the 34-minute delay. It was boring. The 49ers seemed to gather themselves and come out on fire, but the comeback was just not there as it was in Atlanta. And while I think the Ravens were the better team yesterday, it still wasn’t the epic game I was hoping for.

The game aside, there were some great commercials.

The Best:

It pulls on my emotions as a mom, so it wins!

Honorable Mention:

Just love it!

A wonderful tribute to a noble tradition!

Yep, I like the ones that pull on my heartstrings and illicit warm, fuzzy emotions. I like the ones that lift my spirits and inspire me. I like the ones that bring a tear to my eye. (But seriously, it’s a commercial, so I don’t really cry!)

What were your favorites?



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