Kaepernick Shouldn’t Be in the Superbowl

And it’s not because he didn’t deserve to win the NFC title game. He was the better QB of the better team. And it’s not because I’m afraid he’ll beat the Ravens. In fact, I hope he does! I say that because until I read this great article by American Thinker I didn’t know he shouldn’t be here!

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick should not be playing in the National Football Conference title game on Sunday.  In fact, if anyone were taking book on these sorts of things back in 1987, they would have bet that a “Colin Kaepernick” would never have existed at all.

QB Kaepernick

QB Kaepernick

In the early part of that year, Kaepernick’s birth mother made a culture-defying decision.  She chose not to have an abortion.  Instead, she hung in there through the pregnancy and birth and gave up her baby for adoption.  This could not have been easy for a single mother of a bi-racial child, but she endured.

There were not many women who made the choice this woman did in 1987.  Although the statistics are imperfect, an estimated 72,000 women that year gave up a child for adoption to someone other than a relative. Having watched two newborn sons die of heart defects, Teresa and Rick Kaepernick, then of Wisconsin, decided to adopt, and Colin was the baby who came their way.

Not many babies were as fortunate as Colin in 1987.  That year 1,353,671 American women chose to abort their child.  In other words, given the circumstances of his conception, there was only 1 chance in 19 that Kaepernick would make it out of the womb alive.  Whatever the odds are of winning the Super Bowl, they have got to be a whole lot better than that.

Colin, whose arms are tattooed with Bible verses, understands the source of his good fortune. “I think it’s something where God has really led me to where I’m at today.  He put me in a position to be successful throughout my life.”

Several of the verses tattooed on Kaepernick are Psalms.  If there is still room, he might consider Psalm 139:16-“Your eyes did see my substance, being yet unformed; and in your book they were all written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.”

God created each of us for a purpose. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

While you may not be playing in a Superbowl this weekend,

are you seeking God’s plan for your life?


3 thoughts on “Kaepernick Shouldn’t Be in the Superbowl

  1. You have no idea how deeply disgusted this post makes me, and made me when I read the original. Making the current famous adoptee the poster child for a cause is wrong – unless that person has approved the use of his or her name or likeness to be associated with it. Every single baby might not have existed – whether abortion, miscarriage, still birth, etc. – not just adoptees. Please stop.

    • I apologize that my words have offended you so deeply. That was not my intent. When I read the article about Kaepernick, I was inspired–inspired by his birth mother’s decision, inspired by his adopted parents’ decision, and inspired by his faith in God. Life is a struggle at times and when anything offers me inspiration, I pause and appreciate it. I chose to share the article with others because I wanted to offer them the same inspiration it offered me. You are right that all life is precious and every baby might not have existed (my family has struggled through those loses), but when a life offers me inspiration I celebrate that. My intent was not to make him a poster child because he was not aborted or was adopted or is a young Superbowl quarterback, but rather to encourage my readers to consider if they, like Kaepernick, are seeking God’s guidance in their life. So if I am guilty of making him a poster child for anything, it is for being a man of faith who seeks the Lord, something I struggle with daily. Thank you for your comment and allowing me to clarify my motives for sharing this article. Blessings ~w

      • WH thank you – yet there is nothing to say his mother considered abortion yet the assumption is that she did and the premise of both the headline and the story – and that is what I get upset by because it is a false assumption. If it wasn’t then why didn’t the story feature the headline One of these brothers shouldn’t be coaching a team playing in the Superbowl – if not for the choice of the mother to choose life…etc.

        I understand that many may choose to assume that was a choice mothers who choose adoption – but there is no data to suggest it is true – but it is damaging to the adoptee to continue the stereotype.

        Thank you

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