Solider’s Deck of Cards: Media Monday

My days

My days

I haven’t written a lot about what I actually do at the school, because for the most part, I’m bored. It’s data entry, reports, and letters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have a job and this is such a great cause, but I know there is more out there for me, like being in the classroom again. I believe this is the place I’m supposed to be for now to see a new side of private education, to focus on my kids, and to learn some patience and perseverance.

Every so often, however, I gift myself a project that is tangentially related to data entry that I will enjoy. I am currently working on an amazing project that is personally gratifying because of my grandparents and will celebrate over 550 of our alumni. In conjunction with a very detail oriented alumna in our Heritage Center, I am developing a Veterans slide show. The plan is to have it completed for a grand unveiling at June Homecoming. I am working on the list right now and will move into slide production in February. Each veteran will have their own slide with their name, class, branch, photo, and brief service details. I have done this before at churches and it’s always well received.

We are also honoring our alumni who serve in South Korea.

We are also honoring our alumni who serve with our ally,  South Korea.

As a result, I’m thinking a lot about our military men and women. They have served so bravely and have gone on to accomplish amazing things. Since our school began in 1903, we have veterans from WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, and the contemporary conflicts. We even had a Junior College that had to close down in 1945 due to lack of enrollment. With this long history and service-minded alumni, I read  inspiring stories each day. One of our alums was in the Dolittle Raid and died later over the Mediterranean. Another was a brilliant girl who graduated from HS at 13, our junior college at 16, became an instrument trainer and air traffic controller in WWII, graduated with a BS in Math from Duke with Honors, went on to work for NASA, and helped develop many of the equations necessary for the Apollo, Gemini, and Viking missions and the Air Defense System in Co.

Wonder what I’ll find today?

Anyway, this is a great video tribute to veterans like Cpt. Truelove and Mrs. Mashburn.  I hope it will astound and amaze you and leave you very grateful as it did me. Enjoy!

Thank you to our men and women of the armed forces!


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