NFL Humor: Media Monday

Well, my two teams, the Patriots and Eagles, are out of it. I have to say it has been an exciting playoff season. So many higher seats were upset. I was not expecting for the Ravens to beat Brady. The Patriots just didn’t show up in the second half. Admittedly I’m a little bummed. I was in Boston the first year they won and was wooed to their camp. And Brady has been an amazing quarterback, great under pressure, but  yesterday it just wasn’t there. Looking to the Superbowl, I am intrigued by the Harbaugh brother battle (I want cake now!) and have really enjoyed watching Kaepernick play. He’s remained cool under pressure and delivered when needed.  There will be some great QBs watching from home.



So, I’ll pull for the young guy and the upset!

Go 49ers!!!


2 thoughts on “NFL Humor: Media Monday

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