Playoffs and Miss America

I’m torn. We are a house divided. Okay, not really, but people say that all the time.  And it’s cool, right?

Playoffs or Miss America?

Playoffs? You wanna talk about the Playoffs? Playoffs!?

Playoffs? You wanna talk about the Playoffs? Playoffs!?

It’s a serious question in our house tonight. We LOVE the playoffs and host a Superbowl Party every year, so I love to get a sense of teams before the big game. I can’t watch every team every week, so this is my chance to see the teams vieing for the ring. It’s the opportunity to be informed at my own party. It’s crucial.

Miss Thomasville 2001

Miss Thomasville 2001

But I was a pageant queen. I won my first pageant ever and was crowned Miss Thomasville 2001. My next pageant was Miss North Carolina, where I won preliminary talent and was in the Top 10. I entered the pageant world for the scholarship money. It worked; I graduated from undergrad debt free. Not so much from graduate school, but it helped with that too. I also found out a lot about myself and made one amazing friend during the process.

What to do?

Do I hang on the play-by-play commentary of the elite athletes of the NFL or do I critique the exquisitie clothing and features of 52 put-together young ladies? Do I try to make out the numerous tattoos on the tightly attired men or do I try to make out why in the world she would do that? Do I second guess the offensive coordinator’s call or do I second guess the gown selection? Do I wait for another turnover or do I wait for a girl to trip? It’s really too much to decide.

As one friend said on FB, regardless of which one I choose, there will be crying.  And James is right. Both events have the potential to highlight the best and worst in human nature. Whether I choose to watch 22 men bash each other on the field over a pigskin and a championship or 52 young women walk, talk, and perform their way into a crown, the title, and a generous scholarship, there is the potential of catching glimpses of graciousness and disbelief, determination and resignation, execution and failure, victory and defeat.

May we all learn how to win and lose with integrity.


What will you watch?


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