To Hope: Media Monday

I’ll be teaching again soon! A friend and I are assuming the teaching duties of our Sunday School class, so our current teacher can start a new class. What a blessing for me, my friends, and the new class to come!

Our current teacher, who we will certainly miss, will finish out the month of January with us. What I will miss most is that he inspires me think, read, and study more. I enjoy the challenge of finding more information, reading and rereading passages, and discussing it the next week. In January, we will cover Philippians, a book I enjoy. We began yesterday, talking about the letter, the audience, and Paul’s relationship with them. There is so much to cover. After class, Teach and I talked about where he will go from here. (I’m the new Director of Discipleship, so he wanted to make sure that I was in the loop.) We also talked about those classes that are stagnant, never growing, never reaching out. It’s sad when the love of Jesus is here for all, if Christians are only brave enough to share it!

Last night, I spend over two hours with my Bible, several books from undergrad and graduate school, and even my Novum Testamentum Graece (though I remember only a little Greek).  It was delightful. I read the entire letter, did some research about the unity of the letter, the dating, and the location of authorship, and reread it.

Lots of things spoke to me. But in light of the discussion about stagnant classes and Christians, this is resonated:

Philippians 4:8

Good advice!

Too often, we dwell on the difficulties, the challenges, and the problems and forget to focus on the hope, the promise, and the love. Paul’s advice is to the point. To hope, to grow, to share, we must focus on these things.

What have you been focusing on that keeps you from hope

and answering Christ’s call?


2 thoughts on “To Hope: Media Monday

  1. this should be the rule for posting as well! If it brings anything good…post those things. Thank you for this much needed blog!

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