For the Teachers and the Skeptics


Coach is a teacher. I was and hope to be again.. soon. Many of our friends are teachers, coaches, and administrators. We and our friends are called to live this life and make a difference in the lives of our world’s children and youth. It is not an easy path. It is one that challenges us daily, but also offers deep rewards.

For those of you who are not in the world of education, I hope this helps you understand.

And for those teachers, coaches, and administrators out there, THANK YOU! You are molding our future. Continue to inspire as you educate so that our future can be a bright one!

How has a teacher made a difference in your life?


5 thoughts on “For the Teachers and the Skeptics

  1. A teacher can recognize you when no one else can. They have a certain power to change your life for the better if they so choose.
    Thank you for your tribute to all teachers!

    • No they don’t! I shared this post on my personal FB page and a friend from college who works in Corporate America really got steamed about it. However, I have lots of teacher friends, so they let her have it. It’s not that working in Corporate America isn’t hard. It’s just a different animal. They are compensated financially, whereas teachers thrive on the compensation of a job well-done and thank you every once in a while. For those who are called, it’s enough (but we still like our summers off). Blessings ~w

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