Here We Go Again

New YearsIt’s that time again when we make that list of goals. The list that will shape us into our ideal. The list that we will slowly abandon as January comes and goes.

Yes, I’m a bit pesimmistic about the whole New Year’s Resolution thing. I seldom see one work. I’m much better with shorter goals. The 40 days of Lent are more doable in my world. It’s not that I think it’s bad to goal set. On the contrary, I find it very useful. It motivates me to follow through. But I do have a problem with conventions designed in a way to prevent our success.

TREADMILLWhat’s the most common New Year’s Resolution? Get in shape. Be more healthy. Loose those pounds. However you want to phrase it. But I ask, is the dead of winter with snow on the ground and less than stellar driving conditions really the time to head to the gym or outside? Wouldn’t that be an easier goal to set as the flowers begin to bloom and Mother Nature herself beckons us outside once again? Cut back on the sweets, think twice about that second serving, certainly, but is this the time to begin a new exercise routine?

stack of booksGoing back to school? Again, poorly timed. You can’t decide to go back to school and jump right in. Applications, forms, payments. Miracles do occur, but typically you are looking at a summer term or fall start. Begin, call the admissions office, fill out the paperwork, get your financial house in order, but is this the time to rush to a spring semester start?

briefcaseGetting a new job? Seriously, with the state of the ecomony and the chaos in Washington, are businesses really hiring? A transfer within is doable. A promotion, if you are a positioned correctly, a maybe. Read something funny yesterday: a group of baboons is a congress, so that explains a lot. While those baboons sort this mess out, focus on gaining more experience, padding your resume, learning new skills, prepare for the right time, but is this the time to expect a change?

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t or can’t do these things; I’m simply pointing out that timing is everything. Set life goals that make sense for your circumstances, whatever they may be. Set goals that you can accomplish, because after you accomplish just one, you are empowered to tackle a more challenging one next time.

And through all of this planning, goal setting, and striving, always remember that your timing is not always God’s timing.



As we embrace 2013 and all the potential for growth, new life, and abundance, trust that God is waiting for you with wonderful plans.

Seek Him!

Welcome to 2013,

a year for propser and hope!


What is your 2013 resolution?


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