Strafing Runs and Chocolate

A recipe for a healthy marriage!

Big BrotherA Special Ops in Call of Duty: MW2

Big Brother
A Special Ops in Call of Duty: MW2

Last night, Coach and I played some Call of Duty. We seldom do missions, because my abilities, even after a year of playing, are very limited. I struggle to operate more than one button on the controller simultaneously. But we persevered. I began as the man on the ground and Coach was in the helicopter. I basically let him kill everyone while I hid. He would kill 40 or 50 people; I’d kill 4.

On of my many hiding places

One of my many hiding places

I was able to find cover and put him in a great position to decimate the enemy emerging from neighborhood homes. That lasted for almost an hour I would say. I would get to the alley or the gas station and fail. Eventually, he decided we should switch roles. This was a great idea! We both gained perspective about the other’s mission. I learned that the helicopter has limited range based on the flight pattern and the location of the ground man. He learned that those little stinkers jump out from everywhere and aren’t as easy to kill as he thought. We got further-twice he made it to the parking lots by the extraction point.

Oreo covered with Wilton's   White Chocolate with Candy Cane pieces

Oreo covered with Wilton’s White Chocolate with Candy Cane pieces

But, I had some candy making to do, so we needed to quit. I headed into the kitchen to make Christmas gifts for our colleagues and friends. I was dipping Christmas shaped pretzels and Oreos. Coach wandered in and helped. Together we dipped over 200 pretzels. He added the sprinkles. I dipped 12 Oreo lollipops. Let me be clear, dipping Oreos is not as easy as Pinterst suggests. They kept falling apart under the weight of the chocolate.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like Chocolate!

Nothing says Merry Christmas like Chocolate (in a Merry Christmas tin)!

So, while I was dealing with structurally unsound Oreo pops and devising a system that worked, he filled bags full of the yummies and put them in the little tins. We listened to music from the iPhone and talked as we worked away into the night. If we were old, it would have been a great Cialis commercial. All in all, it took us about two hours.

When we finished our little elf assembly line, rather than retire to our matching bathtubs as Cialis advocates, we retired to the couch to try that darn level one more time. I returned to the ground man; he again found his place in the chopper. Within a few runs, we beat it with only 1.8 second remaining. It was a wonderful feeling; both of us accomplished something that we enjoyed with the help of our best friend! We’ve found that trying things that the other likes has strengthened our marriage and allowed us to have a lot of fun!


What do you do outside of your comfort zone for your special someone? 


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