A Little Christmas Miracle

My Little Man has a peanut allergy. We suspected it when he was 6 months old. It was confirmed when he was two. He’s been to the allergist 3 times and has a myriad of allergies to food, grass, trees, animals, mold, etc. As the doctor said today, his body is breaking the rules. Based on his allergy tests, he should have some serious respitory problems. He’s not! Praises!

We are very cautious about the food we bring into the house, nothing that is processed in a plant with peanuts. And most of the time we do pretty well with it. There are so many kids with allergies today that the labels are clear and we can avoid the dreaded peanut. There are several things however that bother me about his allergy. One is that we have to be so protective everywhere that food is involved. Our church has snacks before the service. Most of the time he can’t eat them, because I just don’t know. And I’m not even ready to think about school next year. Two is that he is missing out on some things. The boy can’t eat Swiss Cake Rolls or Oatmeal Pies. And at Christmas, he misses out on all the amazing yummies made with peanut butter: Peanut Butter Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms, and my mom’s signature O’Katy Bars.



Enter the little Christmas miracle. In a bit of an experiment, I made traditional peanut butter cookies with Sunbutter. I read about this peanut butter substitute last year, but other than their website didn’t find many independent endorsements for the product. This year I found some, so the experimenting commensed. I mixed the dough and Little Man and I did the rest together. We rolled the balls, made the crosses with floured forks, and sprinkled the colored sugar on. It was a lot of fun! The taste test confirmed it. They are good. They look and taste like Peanut Butter cookies!

Sunbutter Cookies

Sunbutter Cookies
Our little Christmas Miracle!


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