So Me Today: Media Monday

And I'll never tell!

And I’ll never tell!

In addition to the nightmare of the blinkin’ Christmas lights, I also played some soccer this weekend. Coach’s varsity girls team plays in an indoor league in a neighboring county and they were short girls for their Sunday games. Only day students were allowed to compete, since it was a closed weekend for our boarding students, who had “deep cleaning” to do before the break. So we packed up the boys in the minivan after church and were off. Now, I played soccer from the age of 7 through high school, did a small inter-mural stint in college, and coached for five years, but I have no stamina anymore and I knew that going into Sunday’s games. I am however pleased to report that we won both games, I assisted two goals, and I didn’t embarrass myself. Coach said, “You held your own. And in the 10 second spans I was able to watch while chasing the boys, you were really tough.” That’s huge coming from him. It was a great time! I love the girls I got to play with. They are so talented and I was able to lean on them. We had some amazing ball movement, myself included, and I did mention we won both games right? But I am old and today I’m tired, sore, and wishing I was relaxing in yoga pants!


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