Herkimer: The Advent Tree

Herkimer the Magic Christmas Bird

Herkimer the Magic Christmas Bird

Dec. 7: Herkimer the Magic Christmas Bird

This story is the most fun in the Advent Tree collection. And I’m almost sure you’ve never heard it. You see, my sister has researched it and it was only published this one time. My mother, brilliant as she is, saved it. So, unless you happened to read the December 1978 Family Circle Magazine, you have never seen or heard this delightful tale. (I wish they would reintroduce it, because it is a great story that a new generation of children would love.)

It has all the great Disney characters, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Clara Bell Cow, who various family members imitate each year as we read. The artistry is brilliant. The story touching. And Herkimer is indeed the Magic Christmas Bird. Please read this delightful tale about two woodcutters, mungo beans, and a beautiful bird who wants to save his home and much more.

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Herkimer Page 1

Herkimer Page 2

Herkimer Page 3

Herkimer Page 4

Herkimer Page 5

Herkimer Page 6

Herkimer Page 7Herkimer Page 7


10 thoughts on “Herkimer: The Advent Tree

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I remembered reading it for years in the early 80s – my mum must have saved the magazine for a long time – and wanted to read it again, but by then our old copy was gone and I could find no trace with my search terms of ‘mickey mouse herkimer’ (I remembered the Mungo beans too, but they didn’t help) until you posted! a family tradition to be resurrected…

  2. I was so happy to see your post of this story! My brilliant mother also saved this story and still reads it to us during advent! She read it to my dad before they were married and then to us kids (starting with me five years later!) Years later it is now laminated for preservation and loved by the grand kids too!

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