Little Drummer Boy: Two Takes

drummer boyDespite what I said yesterday, this Christmas song has two artists who have done wonders with it. The first version by the Contemporary Christian band Audio Adrenaline in 2002 blew me away. It takes a predictable carol and elevates it to one that gets you bouncing in your chair the way you would if a little drummer boy just started jamming.

This was my favorite version until I heard Josh Groban sing his 2008 version on Noel. It’s another stunning arrangement of the classic song. And the bagpipes draw me in every time.

Which do you like better? Or is there another stunning version that should be in the running?


2 thoughts on “Little Drummer Boy: Two Takes

  1. It’s probbably because I’m old, but I prefer the more traditional version. Amazing how the two versions can be so different.

    • You’ve not that old! And to be honest, it depends on my mood as to which one I want to listen to. The boys clearly prefer the Audio Adrenaline, because they can dance to it like the crazy, spinning, jumping monkeys they are.

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