The Best of Christmas Music


Christmas Music

Each year I listen to the classics by those who sing them best; and new artists approach old favorites and try make them their own. When an arrangement and artist mesh and sheer brilliance is born, the two are forever one in my mind. Regardless of who sang it before or sings it after, the song is theirs. Think of Bing Crosby and “White Christmas.” Others perform it, but no one sings it like Bing. It was so popular when introduced in the 1942 film Holiday Inn (film excerpt of song) that another musical was produced in 1954 entitled White Christmas. A true holiday classic film, it features some amazing talent and beautiful songs.

During this season, I will share with you some of my favorite Christmas songs, performed by the greats. (Let’s just hope youtube can deliver.)


2 thoughts on “The Best of Christmas Music

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