Gifting Advice: Media Monday

Library Card

In the midst of our world, it’s easy to get caught up in the gadgets that surround us and ease our lives. It would be a shame however to forget the simple gifts.

  • For your kids, think of board games and card games, books, Lincoln logs, erector sets, make-believe outfits, etc. The ones that encourage imagination, cooperation, and relationships.
  • For your spouse, support for their dreams. It’s part of what you fell in love with; help them achieve it.
  • For your siblings, the gift of communication. You can not reenter your childhood, but reminiscing can bridge the gap that geographical distance and the passing of time create.
  • For your parents, the gift of your time. They miss you and time is so very precious!
  • For your friends, something handmade and tailored for them. (Pinterest is full of great ideas.)

In all your gifting, remember that the small token that you give is a reflection of the amazing gift that God gave us in the Christ Child, a gift that provides for our eternal salvation. Consider the love that went into that gift when you consider what you put into your gifts.


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