The Advent Tree

Advent Tree

My Advent Tree

To help you and me stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas amidst all the distractions, I will share with you a most beloved family tradition from my childhood-The Advent Tree. My mother took the traditional concept of an Advent Tree and transformed it into a wonderful nightly ritual for my brother, sister, and I. Each evening, we read a story about the traditions of Christmas and the holiday season. In the beginning, my mother read to us. As we grew, we began to fight over who got to read which story and make which character’s voices. But we always longed for that time each night during the advent season. After the story had been read, a corresponding ornament was placed on the tree with each one of us getting a turn.

When we grew and moved on to college, we still returned to the tree and took our turns during the holiday break, reading those stories that were especially important to us. When I got married, my mother embarked on another mission. She made 3 more Advent Trees and copied all of the stories for us to share with our families as they grew. While my tree isn’t as wonderful and magical as the original, my boys are still eager to read the stories and continue the tradition. And when we visit Nanny and Pappy’s house, the original is still there and we still place our ornaments on the tree and read our favorite stories. It is that tradition that I share from my heart and memory with you this holiday season. I hope you learn more about the Christmas tradition and find your heart fed by the message of peace, hope, joy, and love.


While I will likely be unable to share each story with you, I will do my best to share my favorite and the most meaningful. Here is the plan. (I have added the videos in and still have a few things to switch around as there are some stories I really don’t like and some others to add in, like watching The Polar Express.)

The Advent Tree
30 Frosty the Snowman Frosty
1 Little Lost Angel Angel
2 Why Christmas Trees Are Not Perfect, Trees Deer
3 The Shoemaker’s Dream, Scrambled Toys Train
4 Lucinda’s Gift, Poinsettia Poinsettia
5 St. Nicholas Day Shoes
6 Mistletoe Mistletoe
7 Herkimer the Magic Christmas Bird Bird
8 The Little Pine, A Wish Come True, Christmas Tree, A Charlie Brown Christmas Pine
9 Stars, The Star and the Shepherd Boy Dog
10 Stockings, Hanging Stockings, Baby’s Stockings Stocking
11 Why the Chimes Rang Church
12 The Fourth Wise Man Jewels
13 Candles, The Legend of the Christmas Candle Candle
14 Bells, I Heard the Bells, How the Grinch Stole Christmas Bell
15 A Gift from the Innkeeper’s Child House
16 Holly Holly
17 Christmas Wreath, Born in a Grave Wreath
18 Reindeer, Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer Reindeer
19 Christmas Feast Basket
20 A Christmas Story, Gifts Glass Bell
21 The Miraculous Staircase, Yule Log Log
22 The Three Chests Chest
23 Cards, all cards received Card
24 The Story of Santa Claus, The Night Before ChristmasLuke 2:1-20 SantaHoly FamilyBaby Jesus

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