Thanksgiving Break, Here I Come

There are many advantages to being a teacher. The top three are June, July, and August, but there are other smaller reasons to celebrate, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break. I know it sounds great…wanna see our paychecks? Or the amount of work we do beyond a typical 40 hour work week? We need breaks…getting off my soap box.

In just a few hours, teachers and students will be liberated from the grind for a week. (I work in the office, so I have to work Monday and Tuesday. Yeah, it stinks!) Coach and the boys will be home together for nearly 10 days. We have a few things planned. Tonight Coach and I are going with friends to see Skyfall (review to come). Saturday night is a faculty/staff party with a simultaneous kid’s party.  On Wednesday, Coach and I plan to do the bulk of our Christmas shopping at the outlets. Turkey Day is at our house, so Thursday is booked. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll do the rest of our time off, but the fact that we have it is the important part!

Regardless of how much time you have off, make sure that the plans you commit to are the ones you really want. One lesson you can learn from any teacher or student is that breaks are always too short.

Spend your time off wisely!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Break, Here I Come

    • I did for 6 years, took a little break for the kids, and am ready to get back in the game. My husband however never took a break and is on year 10. It’s a magical time, isn’t it?!? Blessings for a wonderful break for you and your family! ~w

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