A Shout-out To Single Parents Everywhere!!!

Wonderfully Wise Words

The Bard is right. I also know that absence when there are kids involved makes the body weaker.

Coach had been gone for three days now. He left at 8am Monday morning for a 5-day hike with the sophomores. They split up into small groups, 8-10 students, and are assigned one of our teachers and a hike guide. It started off well, but when they awoke Tuesday morning…snow. And the precipitation has continued. Sometimes it’s snow; sometimes rain. How do I know? Well, that’s due to the marvelous iPhone.

Somewhere along the Trail Today
They are hiking in the mountains of NC near Montreat.

Our uber-talented communication guru asked Coach to take it and send images and updates as he was able for the school’s FB page. So far, we have gotten 6 images. And I got to text with him for a few minutes last night. He wanted an election update. And I awoke to a few texts this morning. They are a bit cold, but in good spirits.

I am here, in the lap of luxury with a roof, heat, a bed, a toilet, running water, satellite, PS3, Netflix, and my dear friend wordpress.com. I am also here with my two brilliant, energetic, precocious little men. Admittedly, I am blessed!

We have had some adventures so far. My little Appleholic decided he didn’t want to eat his apples because they touched the homemade mac n cheese and there was an ensuing and epic battle. I won, because he was punished for not listening and was sent to bed without any more dinner. I won, because Little Monkey became a kind-hearted missionary, entered the forbidden land of Appleholic’s room, and gave him a little snack. I won again, because when the Nanny fed him the mac n cheese the next day for lunch, he loved it and ate it all up. And I triumphed,  because the next evening at dinner I asked him to try one bite of sauerkraut with mashed potatoes and kielbasa and he listened. And he liked it and ate it all up and asked for seconds. That was one heck of a Monday Night Fight (not that you are keeping score, but that’s me 4, Appleholic 0, but who’s counting?).  He and I made some great progress!

Not my bathtub, but see how cool!

We’ve also had fun adventures, like taking a bath in the dark with glow sticks. Amazing! They experienced that on the 4th of July for the first time and loved it. Thanks to Wal-mart Halloween clearance, I got a bunch and gave them a little treat last night for being such good listeners. We’ve spend way too much time at  night reading books and singing songs. Clever Little Monkey has discovered that I love to sing and will keep singing as long as he cuddles and listens. Bedtimes have been quite late! We’ve spend time watching movies, all three of us lined up on the coach eating a big bowl of popcorn. It’s been great!

And while I’m only half way through this single parenting stint, I’m beat! They are so much work and energy. I love them dearly and enjoy my time with them, but I will be so glad when Coach returns on Friday, gets a shower and a little sleep, and is ready to give me a break!

For those parents who do this every day, every week without the help, my hats off to you! It’s a huge responsibility, burden, and joy all in one. I hope you have a great support system. I hope you have family and friends to pick you up when you are down. And I hope you know that even when they don’t say it, your kids know just how amazing you are! Because you are!



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