Prayers for The Nations

Pray for the Nations

Today, I ask that you join me and many others in prayer for the nations.

As the political season comes to a close tonight in America, we have a country that is torn apart. Divisive comments, videos, articles, and films have created an atmosphere of distrust. One in which family and friends are unable to share their honest opinions for fear of judgement and derision. One in which some avoid the topic and feel isolated. One in which some stand loud and proud and don’t consider the effects of their words and actions. One in which some impose their views on others and regard their resistance as ignorance. Fortunately, to everything there is a season and this season is coming to an end. The emboldened will return to their daily lives and let things be for another 2 or 3 years. The decisions will be made and we will have to live with it for 4 more years.

The economy is struggling. The well-fare rolls are high. We have friends and family unemployed, under-employed, and tired of looking. Homes are still being foreclosed on. Bankruptcy rates are still high. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by Sandy. They need food, water, electricity, and security.

But as focused as we Americans have been on our country, let’s not forget the struggles in the rest of God’s creation. The Middle East continues with its perpetual conflict. Unspeakable crimes are being committed in Syria. Iran is seeking nuclear capabilities. Afghanistan and Iraq are still seeking stability and struggling with transition.  Egypt, Libya, and Mali are wrestling with the influx of radical sects. Countries are struggling with modernization. China has a massive workforce, but is regulating their citizen’s ambition by limiting their exposure to the rest of the world and interpreting it when they allow it. India also has an impressive, technologically savvy workforce, but still struggles with governing their people fairly. These are but two examples of nations trying to move into the modern world and the long hard climb the people have to attain a fair wage and just government. African countries continue to fight against hunger, disease, ignorance, and violence. Organizations all over that continent help in isolated areas provide schooling, medical care, food, clean water, proper sanitation, and vocational training.

Let us all take a step back from our particular situation, realize the common struggle that unites all mankind, and offer prayers and praises to a loving God who uses all situations to grow us and make us more compassionate for our fellow man.


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