I Know Who Won!!!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a patient person. And my first go in a Presidential Election did not help. I was so excited to vote. My roommate, boyfriend (Coach), other friends, and I waited up to see the results come in. The candidates-Bush and Gore. So needless to say, I fell asleep propped up on the edge of my bed eagerly awaiting results that never came. And when I woke, there was still no answer. It took way too long! Since that was my first experience, I don’t hold much hope for election night results. But, I like answers. So here’s my plan as I shared it with Coach:

Driving home from the store after picking up a few items on Sunday. 

W: I’m going to buy a lottery ticket on Tuesday.

C: Why? What’s the jackpot? I only buy lottery tickets if the jackpot is over $300 million or so, meaning I’ve bought all of 10ish in my life.

W: I don’t even know. We happen to pass a gas station where I can read the lottery sign.  Only $12 million.

C: That will do. But why are you going to buy one?

W: Because I want to know who won something Tuesday night. And I can go to bed knowing that I didn’t win $12 million.

C: Laughs. Well, at least you will know who won Wednesday. I won’t find out until Friday. Coach is chaperoning a 5-day hike on the Appalachian Trail with nine sophomores and he doesn’t get back til then.


Here’s hoping we find out who is our next President before Friday! And while we’re at it I wouldn’t mind $12 million!


2 thoughts on “I Know Who Won!!!

  1. The $12 million is mine, but might share a little. Politics can be annoying when you keep hearing projections for winners when only 2% of the vote is in. How can they get away with doing that?
    I think the networks think they can sway the west coast vote or something. I voted 3 weeks ago and i am glad I did. We will see in the morning who wins since the lines are long in the swing states and anyone in line by 7pm can vote.

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