Just Wait and See…

Earlier in the week, I wrote a little tongue-in-check piece about why Sandy’s not really that bad.

My #1 was that it would bring out the best in people, just wait and see…

Well, now you can. Here are two examples of what Americans are doing for each other:

For all the First Responders—THANK YOU!!!
Elaine Belviso, 72, is rescued from her flooded home by Suffolk County police after being trapped there overnight by superstorm Sandy, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012, in Babylon, N.Y.
Source: AP

At a private residence near Hoboken, NJ

St. Petersburg Church in NYC opened it’s doors to New Yorkers who needed to charge their devices. My friend Rasha’s cell phone is among the corded chaos.

What stories have you read about or heard from family and friends about neighbors helping neighbors?

Please share them!

Want to help? Here are some ways.

  • Pray.
  • Donate blood.
  • Donate $10 to the Salvation Army by texting the word, “STORM” to 80888
  • Donate $10 donations to the American Red Cross by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999
  • Volunteer in New York City, go to http://newyorkcares.org/volunteer/disaster/ for information
  • Volunteer in New Jersey, call 1-800-Jersey-7
  • For a longer list, visit cnn.com – Impact Your World


FB Story


Uncle Paul’s Pizza in NYC managed to stay open throughout Hurricane Sandy. Basically, the owner and employees were stranded, due to the storm. So they decided to ride it out, stay open, and supply pizza to as many people and rescue workers as possible!
The pizza place, which had only been open 4 months, delivered hot, fresh food to people in Zone A – the hardest hit area. They stayed open for 30-hours straight and they’re still going. Owner Dino Redzic said, “We made more than 1,000 pies. We delivered where it was a terrifying. It looked like a war zone, with cars collapsed in the streets. Places were under water.”
And Dino doesn’t plan to stop. He says, “If I have the manpower, we can go like this for days. All we need are fresh tomatoes, flour, water and cheese.”

If you’re eating pizza tonight, raise a slice to Dino and his crew for feeding NYC! Halloween night is the 3rd most popular night to order a pizza – after Superbowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve.


News 12 New Jersey

We received this message in our inbox:
Hey News 12,

My fiancé and myself drove to Stamford, CT from Colonia, NJ today to a Costco picked up 600 bottles of water, cases of granola bars and hand warmers and we made two stops one to Newark NJ and Hoboken NJ. We’re doing it all over again tomorrow!

Franco Porporino and Erica Lancellotti


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