Top 10 Reasons Why Sandy’s Not That Bad…

We All Use Math Everyday!

10. Huge storms are a timely reason to reconnect with family and friends on the East Coast.

9. Limited cell coverage is a great explanation for keeping phone calls to certain family members short.

8. Graphics like this one give Coach a great math lesson for his students…about what I’m a little confused, but it looks cool right?!?

7. It gives trapped couples a chance to have all those fights they’ve been avoiding.

Carolina Dunes in Duck, NC
from Carolina Designs Realty, Inc

6. Nature offers a little reality check to those who install pools right beside the world’s largest swimming pool.

5. Power outages encourage a return to simpler times with books and board games.

4. The Unisex name allows people to blame which ever gender they prefer.

3. Two words: “School’s Cancelled.”

2. All the news coverage finally gives us a reprieve from the endless political commentary!

1. It brings out the best in people, just wait and see…


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