Your Choice:Media Monday

Good memories of fall break…

Our family took a mini-vacation to Lynchburg, VA to watch a former student play in a soccer match. Coach taught him math and coached him and I taught him English. He transferred schools about the time we moved here. Due to the wonders of FB, we reconnected and have been following the Wildcats since his Freshman year. He was named captain last year as a sophomore, a title he still holds. Anyway, a home game verses Roanoke was our best chance to see him play this year. It turned out to be a great game. They were down 0-1, tied it up with less that 15 minutes to go, and won in sudden death OT on an amazing shot from the outside that just caught the keeper on his heels. It was great to see Captain again and his dad who had made the trip as well. We went to a team tailgate and got to see the locker room. The boys had a great time!

As for the mini-vaca portion, we stayed in a relatively new hotel with an indoor pool and free breakfast (we’ve decided these are requirements for our family). The boys loved the pool and we loved how tired it made them. They slept pretty well Saturday night and on the car ride home Sunday. And they were very sedate during our Olive Garden lunch (another requirement, this one for Coach.) It was great for Coach and I to spend some quality time with the boys since we are so busy with boarding school life. A great weekend, though it’s ended much too soon.

It’s time to kick “real” life in gear again today, though I could certainly use another day to clean, do laundry, and catch up on sleep. I found this image that spoke to me.

I love my life! We certainly made the right choice to put our family first this past weekend. And to support a former student.

What choice can you make so that you will like your life just a little bit more?


2 thoughts on “Your Choice:Media Monday

  1. love the image! last couple of years have been times of exploration and discovery for me. Its been a time that I have spent trying to find an answer to the above question. I think I have found enough answers to resume my worldly life….and blogging is one of them 🙂
    nice post 🙂

    • Agreed! Blogging is certainly a window through which I can be seen and shout my encouragement to the world. It is one choice that makes my life better.

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