Prioritize People

Family, Job, Housework, Church, Volunteering, and the list goes on…

Powerful and Liberating

There are so many people, events, and projects clamoring for our time, attention, and resources. And we can’t have it all regardless of how hard we try. You and I must decide what to dedicate ourselves to. And we must learn when to say NO!

I am no expert at that art; and, I do believe it is an art. There are people who can tell you No and you don’t think anything of it. And then there are people who tell you No and you are left feeling abandoned. I want to be in the first category, but I’m not there yet. To be honest, I think so few of us are in the first category because we fear being in the second and so we don’t tell anyone No unless we legitimately have a conflict.   I am certainly guilty of that.

My Secret: Mix the cheese powder and milk first, then let the hot macaroni melt the butter.

Now, I think I know the key to prioritization, but I haven’t quite mastered it yet either. (This is not turning out to be a very self-inspiring post.) It’s letting people help you, asking people to help you. We have to decide what the most important things are and do them ourselves. The things that are not so important, we need to ask for help. The problem with that is, we all have ways we like things to be done and we resist letting go. We have a certain way we fold towels and underwear, a certain way we load the dishwasher, a certain way we format a document, a certain way we make a presentation, a certain way we do just about everything. My husband and I even have a different method from making mac-n-cheese from a box. (Mine is better!)

So here’s the real question. What titles are the most important to you? Mine are Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, and Encourager. If you too can answer this question, you can begin to figure out what you’re not willing to let someone else do for you and in turn, what you are.

Not my office…no men in my department

  • Trade someone else doing the presentation at work for spending time at night reading books with your kids.
  • Trade perfectly folded clothes for clean clothes and playing games with your kids.
  • Trade two hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning for one hour in a restaurant talking as a family.
  • Trade a long drive to a picnic for a lazy Saturday watching your kids climb all over their grandparents.

Remember prioritize so you can be the most important parts of YOU!

What can you trade to be a better you?


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