Top 10 Reasons It’s Good for a Mom to be Sick…Sometimes

Tonight’s Dinner

In an effort to cheer myself up…

10. If you play your cards right, you may just lose those last few extra pounds, hopefully it’s by sleeping them off and not another less attractive method.

9. Long, hot bathes are good for opening up your sinuses, never mind the fact that it will finally allow you time to finish that article you started last week or month.

8. Your kids might be a bit better behaved when they see you just can’t handle it.

7. You get away with not having to cook a real dinner. Goldfish swimming in tomato soup meets all the food groups, right? Tomatoes clearly count as fruits and vegetables, because no one can remember which one they really are. And the goldfish are clearly carbs and protein and dairy. It says fish and cheesy on the box.

6. You get to wear your most comfy, mismatched clothes and your husband won’t dare say a thing, because he doesn’t want to unleash the cranky, sick wrath.

5. Those same comfy, mismatched clothes will attract your kids because they’re soft and cuddly and you will get lots of get-well hugs.

Partition, 2007

4. Having free range on the TV to pick your favorite. My guilty pleasure is foreign romantic historical dramas. (Watched an amazing one called Partition the other day on Netflix. Set in India/Pakistan in 1947. Romance between a Sikh and a Muslim. Ripped my heart out!)

3. Not hearing, worrying, or feeling bad about the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and chaos. If it’s that important, Dad’ll take care of it, because he’s just awesome like that!

2. Reading, if you have the energy as lay in your bed, and writing, even if you don’t have the energy, but it makes you feel better never the less. 🙂

1. Sleep, the much-needed, even-if-I-wasn’t-sick sleep.

Well I do feel a bit better! Thanks for letting me write my way there. Hopefully Coach will be home from his soccer game soon and I can get to these things on the list.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons It’s Good for a Mom to be Sick…Sometimes

  1. I love the feeling of having lost a few pounds after recovering from a sickness 🙂
    haven’t seen Partition yet…surprised that I hadn’t even heard of it until now.

  2. I understand no 6. I have a Sicilian wife, and her eyes are a good guide to her mood there are times she wants a hug and there are times it is safer to be in another room or country. Much like watching the tail of a cat switching.

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