A Monkey and his Binkys

A Binky Makes a Monkey Happy!

Little Monkey has traditionally been a binky hoarder. He was certainly a candidate for that indulgent TV show. At the peak of the binky experience, we had six, I believe. We did our best to keep a stash high on shelf in his room. They were easily accessible for nap time, bed time, and emergency soothing. He, however, did his best to keep three with him at all times: one in his mouth and one in each hand. That was fine as long as all he was doing was sleeping or sitting. When something interesting came along, binkys were discarded left and right to allow him to explore a new-found object. And then we began to loose them.

There is nothing worse than a crying, inconsolable toddler with no binky in sight. We would send out a three-man search party to scour the house. We’d look in couches, under couches, in toy bins, behind the crib, in the diaper bag, in the minivan, under the table, in the jacket he was last wearing, on the steps, at the top of the steps where the toys of the playroom first came into sight, everywhere. Eventually a shout of success would echo through the house and we could rest knowing that the calm would soon return.

As Little Monkey began to talk, it became very clear that he demanded his binkys to sleep. When he would lay down, he would say, “Two binkys,” through the binky that was already in his mouth. We would turn to the magical shelf which held relief for our tortured ears and hearts and hand over two additional binkys, one for each hand. One lullaby later (a variation of You Make Me So Very Happy) and he was off to sleep.

As he began to get more mobile and explore, the challenge of keeping up with binkys became nearly impossible. Our amazing nanny kept one just for her in the diaper bag. Coach and I kept one just for us on the shelf. We had to take them as soon as he woke up or they would be lost to the same unknown place where stray socks wander never to return. This continued for quite some time, until this past Sunday.

Sunday morning, the binky he slept with was no where to be found. Off to church we went binkyless. After a lunch out with friends, we were off to a soccer game. (One of Coach’s former players is on the UGA Varsity Club Team. They were playing against Clemson. We do our best to support all of our former players who play on a college level.) On the way there, he dozed off…binkyless. After a very cranky dinner at Mellow Mushroom, we headed homeward. Little Monkey fell asleep again and we just plopped him into bed when we got home…binkyless. He slept through the night, his afternoon nap the next day, and the next night…binkyless.

We are on our fourth binkyless day and there are no signs that he misses it. And we are relieved with one less thing to worry about, one less piece of baby paraphernalia to forget, one less reason we can’t understand what in the world he is trying to say. We are relieved.

So what’s the moral of the story you ask. Sometimes things that bother us just seem to go away on their own without much effort on our part, a sort of alignment of cosmic events if you will, and life just gets a bit easier.

Now, let’s just hope he doesn’t stumble upon one of the missing binkys and regress, because next up is potty training!


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