Black Rock State Park, Ga

Autumn is all around us in the mountains. The leaves have begun to change. The chill in the air has required us to turn on the heat and light fires. Jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters are laying around the house, in the minivan, and in the hallways of the school. It’s a beautiful time of year when all that was once green and luscious, bright and fragrant drifts away in preparation for winter and the hope of snow days. It makes me want to curl up at night under a blanket and read a book or watch a movie with my family. It’s when we let the chaos of the day dictate stillness at night. A restful sleep, happy dreams, and a renewed day.

But I say, no. Don’t be lulled by the poetic decay around you. Reinvigorate yourself, your purpose, your family, and your journey. Get a haircut. Buy a new outfit. Try something new. Take a hike. Read a book. Finish a project. Build a new friendship. Redesign the mundane (I gave my blog a face lift and started a FB page. Like me Maybe?) Reach for more.

What can you do to energize your life in the midst of autumn?


4 thoughts on “Reinvigorate

    • I love new clothes. Coach is an excellent shopper. I know I am completely blessed and all my needs are met and then some, but I must admit there’s nothing like wearing a new outfit, especially one he has picked out. I’m actually looking forward to it on Friday, a new business suit!

      • I hate new clothes…i just don’t feel comfortable in them…it takes 6 months for me to start liking a garment and by then it is already considered old by many 😦

      • As most of my new clothes are for work, comfort is usually not the object. But I hear you, as soon as I get home it’s pajama pants and a tank top for this girl!

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