Rescue Me!

Well that’s a little bit better!

I love Jon Bon Jovi.  Their lyrics offer hope and inspiration and I need a little of that today.

Have you noticed that people are going crazy? I don’t mean in light of the political season, although that certainly isn’t helping any. I mean in regards to personal responsibility. What is happening?

I’m not that old, but even in my short life I have seen a change. And I don’t think it’s a shift in the right direction. Our society is abdicating personal responsibility. When you make a decision and act upon it, you must live with the consequences, good or bad.

If you choose to follow the rules of decency, thank you for your personal integrity and honesty. If you choose to ignore those rules, then be prepared to deal with what life deals you. I’m tired of people saying all sorts of mean things for no other reason than presumably to hear their own voice (or read their own posts and comments), parents vilifying teachers for doing their jobs, dictatorial friends always purporting to know more than everyone else, and well that’s really all that’s bugging me right now, but I’m sure there will be more. It’s life.

As we, as a society, continue to shift in the Machiavellian direction of me and mine, I am challenged daily to maintain my integrity, to consider the effects of my words and actions for myself and others, and to be an example for my boys. I challenge you too. In the face of crazy, be thoughtful about your response.

What challenges your integrity, honor, and family values?


2 thoughts on “Rescue Me!

  1. The biggest problem we have is that it’s always about me and mine. We have stopped even considering others. We need a return to the Golden Rule. Maybe we should write a book!?

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