Find the Humor

It seems everywhere you turn people have an opinion about last night’s presidential debate. And they are certainly willing to share it. Last night’s debate was the most tweeted political debate ever. Some of the opinions shared were:

  • My guy did a great job and your guy doesn’t get it.
  • He flip-flopped…again.
  • My guy defended his record and your guy couldn’t.
  • Your guy didn’t even listen to what my guy said.
  • The polls are skewed toward the other side.
  • The challenger always wins the first debate.
  • They both lied, so what’s new?
  • My guy looks presidential.
  • My opinion is not to have an opinion because I don’t really want to hear about your opinion.

And what I stuck with, a critique of a man no one is worried about,

  • Jim Lehrer has no idea how to run a debate. We want to know what they each want to do, not how they perceive what the other one wants to do. Asking them to articulate their differences is just idiotic. Let them explain their own views and plans and let us decide.

I had liberals and conservatives like those FB posts. (I’m not cool enough to tweet yet.)


Regardless of whose side you are on, I suggest that you find commonalities with your friends, colleagues, and families. The political season will cycle to a close shortly and as you probably still want to talk with them, well most of them, find the humor.


And I don’t care who you are…this is funny!

from The Soup


7 thoughts on “Find the Humor

  1. Great take on a not so great debate! Thanks. Hey, that’s what I always say–Charlie’s Church Chuckles and all! LOL

    • Thanks. This is not to say that I don’t have opinions; it’s that I recognize that belittling a person for their beliefs is in no way encouraging. Life goes on. And while the political state of our country is important, the way we treat our family, friends, and colleagues speaks more about our character than which side we identify with. Thanks for finding me and following!

      • That’s a wonderful thought and I couldn’t agree more. It intrigues me how nasty people become right before elections. We start setting standards for candidates while rarely living up to them ourselves.
        Look forward to reading more of your posts!

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