Rafting Trip: Media Monday (a little late)

What an amazing weekend Coach and I had! It was wonderful weather, great river conditions, and a fun-loving group of kids. Here’s our weekend:

We made camp under the light of a full moon!

S’mores Time

The View that Greeted Us in the Morning

Fog on the Mountains above the Chattooga River

Saturday Morning Breakfast-Bacon on the fire and banana pancakes on a propane stove

Gearing Up

Chaperones on Bull Sluice

Saturday Lunch on the River

After a bit more, we rafted into camp, had some amazing chili for dinner, and went to bed. We were exhausted. The next day, Coach and I switched raft crews. Did I mention we guided the rafts? The trip leader was in a kayak with three other student kayakers. On the sticky class III and IV’s, he guided the rafts and we went along for the ride.

Seven Foot Falls

Going Over Seven Foot Falls

Long Creek Falls Group Picture

Raven’s Chute
with Hole-Tunnel-Cave behind a waterfall

There was a 5′ in diameter hole in the rock. A small underwater tunnel connects it to a cave behind a waterfall, where you walk out into the river. You can swim to shore or climb back up the rock and do it again. It was great to do once, don’t know that I’ll ever do it again…

Raven’s Chute is also where we ate lunch on Sunday and where I gave the devotional. I based it on an earlier blog post. It was discussion based and the kids really related to the concept, as did the other chaperones and I.

I did guide over Raven’s Chute, a class III or IV, we can’t remember. It was such an adrenaline rush. I loved it!

The trip was amazing, surrounded by God’s beautiful creation and a wonderful group of kids and adults. I was sad when it was over, but my bruised and blistered body was certainly ready to rest. And I can’t wait to do it again!

FYI-This is the river where they filmed the 1972 thriller Deliverance. The family of one of the girls on the trip knows the banjo player. She said he was indeed type-cast. And I didn’t hear banjo music once!


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