Check that off the List

This could be me this weekend!

Today has been a remarkable day, the Saturday of my end-of-the-week weekend! Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. I am getting today and tomorrow off, because I am the “official” female chaperone on a rafting and camping trip this weekend. Awesome!

This is what our awesome tent looks like, minus the AC unit on the back. Who does that? Seriously? On a tent?

I am excited about this trip on many levels. I haven’t been rafting in years. Coach and I used to go with FCA in college. And we haven’t been camping since we had the boys. Did I mention we are leaving the boys home? And while we will be with 15 other people, all but one students, it’s the first time Coach and I will have been away from the kids together since I was pregnant with Little Monkey. Woohoo! This promises to be a great weekend!

Not really my pie, because the kids ate it before we got to take a picture.

So today is my Saturday. As a true over achiever, I began with a list of things to accomplish today. Take the boys to breakfast in the dining hall, check. Make apple pies, check. Do Pilates, check. Shower after Pilates, check. Take one apple pie to Coach’s advisory, along with some vanilla ice cream, check and check. Do laundry and clean (I’ve budgeted two days for all of it), partial check. Get camping gear sorted, check. Eat lunch with Coach, check. Help Coach by making an answer key to an Algebra Test, (not on the list originally, but I added it to help Coach out), check. Read two chapters for writing of church-wide book study, check. Write blog post, semi-check.

It’s been a good day so far! And while I suppose all of this is a small sort of accomplishment, there is one item I get to mark of my checklist in a huge way this evening. You may have noticed the countdown I added 5 days ago. This evening at 8:30 I will participate in a commissioning service to become a United Methodist Certified Lay Speaker. (That means I will be on the pulpit supply list and be able to preach in any UM church.) This has been on my big checklist for over 10 years. I mentioned as one of my goals for my Jesus Year. And I am thrilled!

What is on your big list that you can work towards checking off?

Let me tell you, it feels great!


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