Summer Camp: Media Monday

Beautiful Setting, Good Times
Millstone 4-H Camp in Ellerbe, NC

As it gets cooler and summer becomes a distant memory, I find myself reflecting on the good summers of the past. And who doesn’t love summer camp memories? I was very active in 4-H and youth group and subsequently went to lots of summer programs and camps. This one time at…, but I digress.

My favorite part of summer camp was meeting boys new people, making friends, and reinventing myself. Summer camp gives you the chance to be who you want to be, who you really are; and I never felt I could do that in school. I loved developing friendships and camp romances and being the authentic me. I figured out a lot of things about myself during those weeks–horseback riding, chasing chickens, hiking, swimming, singing silly camp songs, canoeing, target shooting with rifles and bow and arrow, staying up late and chatting with the girls in my cabin, completing Red Cross lifeguard training in one grueling week, getting up at 6am each morning to be part of the polar bear swim club (we got a stupid klondike bar…so not worth it), singing in camp talent shows, dancing with my “guy” on Friday night, stealing a kiss or two when counselors weren’t looking, and being me.

There are two songs that always make me think of those wonderful, almost magical weeks.

One of the counselors always sang this at the end of Teen Camp and it always became a tear-fest, new friends not ready to part and camp romances doomed to whither since phone calls were expensive and our parents forced us to write letters, because there was no e-mail or IM or texting or Skyping or unlimited data plan, cell phones were in bags people, and who can keep that up for long?

This was popular when I can going to camp and it seemed completely appropriate. We didn’t want to say goodbye; many of my photographs are of final hugs in front of suitcases. What a good yesterday to reflect on!

What songs take you to a magical memory in your past?


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