Solving a Mystery

My family has a bit of mystery. My great-grandmother, Clara Bell, was the daughter of German immigrants from Bavaria, Georg and Maria. She and her many siblings were abandoned by their parents across western Maryland. My great-grandmother was left with the M.V. Smith family near a little town called Flintstone. She lived with and worked for them much like an indentured servant until she married my great-grandfather. The mystery is that we don’t know why her parents abandoned her or where they went.

Today, I took a leap of faith and used FB to contact four people in Bavaria who share her maiden name. I sent them scanned portions of the genealogy a distant cousin here in the United States did in the late 90s. I am hopeful that one of them will recognize the name of one of Georg’s siblings and be able to fill in some of the blanks. We have always wondered if they returned home to Bavaria or if they at least sent word as to where they were going. Perhaps I will find out something. Perhaps it will remain a mystery. But at least I finally tried!


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