How the Sea Became Salty: A Childhood Musing

My Favorite Children’s Series

I’ve always loved to write. I began writing at a very young age and living in imaginary worlds painted in my mind by the authors of my favorite books. My favorite series was “The Boxcar Children.” A friend from down the street, my little sister, and I imagined ourselves into that world every afternoon for years. As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned to develop my own imaginary worlds and transform them into poems, short stories, and the beginnings of novels. I mentioned that some time ago on this blog.  A reader asked if I would share one of my pieces. I said I would consider it, and I have.

Sunrise at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

My first independent literary offering to you is in some ways my most proud as it’s my first. I wrote it when I was about 6 or 7 and I vividly remember the details of writing it. My family was visiting my grandparents at the beach. It was a whimsical place to visit as a child. They had a travel trailer less than ten rows from the ocean that they had enclosed and expanded. It was decorated with ocean finds like shells and shark teeth, they had a golf cart, and we always ate seafood. Shrimp and baked potatoes are a must for me on any beach trip.

It was in that beautiful place that I decided to write my own story. I recall a beat-up spiral notebook and a spotty, blue Bic pen. I positioned myself at the dinette table overlooking the sand road that lead to the shore and began writing. Here is what came from my mind and soul at that early age.

How the Sea Became Salty

How the Sea Became Salty

Once upon a time, there was a great discovery.  Salt was found for the first time.  At this same time, there was a very possessive and–might I add–ugly empress.  She wanted all of the salt in the world.  She sent out many mercenaries to find and steal all the salt.

After a long time and much fighting, the empress’s powerful soldiers had gathered all the salt.  For the protection of her precious salt, she ordered them to hide it in a cave far away.  Her goal was accomplished.

One day near her death, she wished to see all of her salt.  She sent one of her fine captains to bring the salt to her, so a vessel set off to bring the dying empress her salt.  After retrieving the salt and on the way home, a terrible storm came from the gods.  The storm blew the bold sailor off his route.  Unexpectedly the ship broke in two halves, resulting in all of the empress’s salt fell into the sea.

The empress died and never saw her salt.  The empire, knowing where the salt was, laid her to rest in the sea.  The empress was finally with her splendid salt.  And that is how the sea became salty!

*Note all the necessary elements of story are in place: a wicked-and might I add-ugly antagonist; a fatal flaw that leads to destruction; and an explanation of a natural occurrence, very primal. And you may also note the dangling modifiers and lack of subject/verb agreement. Quite clever for a 6 or 7 year old though?!?

This first effort of writing hooked me. Since that fateful afternoon, I have always been drawn to pen and paper, or as it is now, the keyboard and monitor. I love to create worlds, capture emotions, and control endings. I am a writer. I don’t know how else to be.


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