Keep Going

Going, Going, Done!

It’s Friday! The end of the second week of school and we’ve been so busy that it feels like the end of the first month of school. Students are, or are not, doing their homework habitually. Tests have been taken, not graded yet…who are we kidding? Games have been won and lost. It’s like we’ve never been away!

I’m tired and I even took yesterday off to get a little respite from the chaos. I took Little Monkey to his 2 year check up in the morning (For the record, Little Monkey is not so little. He’s 36 and 3/4 inches, the size of an average 3 year old or a small 4 year old.) and rather than going into work for the afternoon, I stayed home and worked on a book study curriculum for my church.  I got some great work done, but to be honest I didn’t get as far as I had hoped.

I then went to my Advanced Lay Speaker course. It’s on Lay Care Ministries, basically visiting shut-ins and the sick. It was great to see some of my Basic classmates and meet new people. It promises to be another great experience and puts me one step closer to being on the pulpit supply list. Woohoo! In three more weeks, I will be!

But neither of my volunteering projects are finished. And I have to head back to work today. I guess I’ll just keep going until I’m done! Pray for me!

What do you need to power through as you help others?

Don’t forget to ask for prayers when you need it (which is all the time)!


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