Keep Growing

The Core of Learning-Literature

As an educator, there are a lot of things that we teach. Students are taught how to balance a chemical equation in chemistry, how to find the area under a curve in calculus, how to write an eloquent essay in literature, how to distinguish between religions and cultures in history, and much more. And while all of these lessons have value within their subject areas, there are other greater lessons that teachers hope to impart simultaneously. They hope to teach perseverance and integrity. The most important lesson, however, is that students understand the need for and develop a love of learning. If a teacher is successful in that, their work is a success even if the student never quite grasps the detail of their subject area. A love of learning will carry a student much farther in life that a great pension for memorization and regurgitation. With a love of learning, a student will always be ready for a challenge, to try a new task, and to teach others along the way.

Do you love learning? Do you read? Do you study? Do you expand you mind? Do you embrace the unknown and research it? Do you ask questions? I believe we should, you should, I should.

Today I begin the next level of my lay speaker training within the United Methodist Church. In one month, I will be a Certified Lay Speaker, qualified to preach in any pulpit in Methodism. September promises to be a month of learning, readying, studying, and introspection. I plan to share that process with you and I hope you enjoy it.

Besides this work, there are so many areas I wish to learn more about or things I have yet to accomplish, but I have a love of learning that keeps me moving forward toward my goals. I want to learn how to play the piano, so I can accompany myself when I sing. I want to read more, the classics, history, and religion. I want to read more about WWII and learn more about my Pappy’s role. I want to earn a doctorate in the New Testament. I want to speak other languages fluently. I want to travel the world, specifically England, Germany, Italy, and where ever else life takes me. I want to make people laugh and encourage them. I want to keep growing!


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