Making a Connection

As I’ve mentioned, school began this week. While we had a slow ramp up from Football Camp to Sports Camp and International Orientation, all of the students arrived this past weekend and the festivities began. Saturday night there were old-fashioned field games. It was great to see new students and old participating side-by-side and having a great time. I’d also like to add that yours truly rocked the three-legged race with the new volleyball coach. Indeed, we beat some amazing students athletes and we’re both about 5’3″. It was a proud moment! I’m still basking in it!

In meeting all of these kids, as I’ve mentioned before, there are always two groups that Coach and I gravitate towards: his advisory and soccer players. This year our advisory has four new folks. Two junior girls who have gotten to know Coach and I over the past few years and asked to transfer into the most amazing advisory ever (It’s cause I’m always taking them yummies and Coach has great advice!). And two new junior boys. Both are great athletes from what I’ve seen so far. One from NYC plays football and baseball. One from a local mountain town plays soccer 🙂 and wrestles. They have both been great, but I know this transition is huge and requires a big adjustment. I met both of them on Saturday and have taken a serious interest in finding them throughout the week to smile and offer encouraging words.

Baseball in the mountains of Georgia

I’ve especially been looking for ways to help Mr. NYC feel at home with our school and our family. Going to school in a rural mountain setting is a stark contrast from life in the Big Apple. Not to mention, he’s without his family and friends. Now my parents have an interesting job (They are show car drivers for Kyle Busch, which translates to long stints away from home and a lot of free M&Ms. It’s awesome…the M&M part, not the away from home part!), but were fortunate enough to be home when Little Monkey turned two this week. They joined us for dinner in the dining hall and a small family party. While we were in the dining hall, I occurred to me that I should introduce my father to Mr. NYC, because he too played football and baseball in high school and baseball in college. My father loves to watch baseball, so when he comes to watch Coach coach, he usually wanders between the athletic fields. (We know he is more likely to come if we invite him to games where soccer, baseball, and softball play at the same time.) I thought it would be great for my dad to connect with a kid who he can cheer on and talk to about the game. So now when my father gravitates towards the baseball diamond, he will have someone to look for and cheer on. And Mr. NYC will have a fan even though he’s far from his family. They seemed to really enjoy their conversation and I can’t wait to watch Mr. NYC play some baseball with my dad!

Whose life can you enrich by introducing them to someone you know?


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