Top 10 Signs You Suffer from Olympic Withdrawl

London Olympics 2012

1. You continue to talk/blog about it.

(Seriously, seven of these came so easily. It seemed a shame not to spend time thinking of the other three.)

2. You find yourself listening to the Spice Girls to relive the closing ceremonies.

(OK, maybe not, but seriously who where most of those people?)

3. You flip channels looking for athletic events or even the irrelevant commentary by Bob Costas.

(Reruns of old games will do at this point.)

4. You begin to develop events that you, your family, and friends would medal in.

(Like child wrangling, the largest splash from a cannon ball, or Olympic blogging)

5. You take a sudden interest in the international cuisine of your favorite medalists.

(Glad America won the most medals. I don’t have to change my diet.)

6. You claim some distant relationship to Olympic medalists.

(Seriously though, I did grow up with the cousins of the Bronze medalist in the 200 IM Caitlyn Leverenz.)

7. You stop at the sight of international flags and wait for a national anthem that never plays.

(Not that I would recognize more than three or four anthems anyway, so any grandiose song will do.)

8. You have Olympic-lag, difficulty adjusting to your own time zone.

(I still can’t get to bed before midnight, which is a shame because school is starting soon.)

9. You begin calculating deductions in your head when you see someone stumble or fall, rather than helping them.

(Little Monkey gets serious deductions when trying to stick the landing upon exiting the bathtub.)

10. You begin to scheme about how to get to Rio in 2016 on someone else’s dime.

(Anyone want to foot the bill?)


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