There are Miracles!

Believe in Miracles!

I believe in miracles; they are biblical. I just don’t believe they happen frequently around me. I believe that God gave mankind the ability and brains to develop modern medicine and that in and of itself was a miracle. And I believe doctors work miracles with the skills God gifted to mankind. The “real” miracles, like those in the Bible, are reserved for the places God’s instruments haven’t reached yet like jungles and such. And then every so often, just so I don’t get too convinced I know what I’m doing, God lets me know He can do what He wants. It’s like being whapped upside the head by a big brother would (not that I’m calling my brother out or anything. I’m just sayin’.)

A dear friend of mine has had a sickness-filled summer with her mother-in-law and now her husband. She has such an amazing and giving spirit to care for these two people. She gives of herself so much that sometimes I’m not sure she has any left for herself. And I love her! The last news was that her husband was going to have surgery because of gangrene. Not cool to say the least. They went to the surgeon today to schedule the procedure and we have a miracle: There is no gangrene and there will be no surgery!

So remember never underestimate what prayers can do! And what faith can do! And most importantly what God can do!

There are wonders! There are miracles! They do happen!



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