A How-to List for Encouraging One Another Daily

How to Encourage One Another Daily with a Cute Monkey

Those of us who blog become a little obsessed with the stats features of our sites. We can see how many hits our blog or even a particular post had in a day. We can track what topics get the best hit rate. We can see what countries are represented in our readers. (For me that has been the most interesting. I have added the “Welcome” section to celebrate the diversity of readership.) We can also see what internet searches lead people to our blog. While something having to do with monkeys is actually at the top of my list, a close second is a more concrete and useful “how to encourage one another daily.” (Please notice that I found an image that is accessible through both searches. Isn’t google images awesome?) Consequently, I’ve been thinking a lot about that as of late and wanted to provide a nice little list, so the next time someone searches for that, they can actually find it.

How to Encourage One Another Daily (the free version):

  1. Smile.
  2. Say “Thank You” when you can.
  3. Listen to what people have to say. And acknowledge that you heard them.
  4. Share a story. To encourage, to relate to their experience and show them that you too journey and struggle.
  5. Offer your help. There are times when we all get overwhelmed. If a family member, friend, or co-worker can step in with a little assistance, it is so meaningful and you know you are cared for.
  6. Pray together.
  7. Share laughter. Whether it’s through technology or in person, it can brighten anyone’s day.

How to Encourage One Another Daily (the not-so-free version):

  1. Send a card or note with your encouragement. One idea is the Share the Love campaign.
  2. Give a thoughtful gift. One that shows you understand why they need encouragement and that you care.
  3. Invite them somewhere (an outing, a meal, your home, your church) where you can focus on them and employ the free version tactics.


Think about all the people who need encouragement (besides yourself): the young, the old, the children, the parents, the students, the teachers, the overwhelmed, the sick, the caretakers, the grieving, the hurting, the leaders, the military, the church, and the lost. Where can you encourage these people? Who do you see around you who needs encouragement? Who do you feel called to reach out to?

And there’s a great side-effect to encouraging others, you too will be encouraged!


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