Why I haven’t written…

Dear Blog and Readers,

I hope you miss me. I miss you! I’m writing to let you know why I’m not writing.

  • I’ve been redoing the bathrooms in our house. Coach and I need to get them done before sports camp starts next Monday. Pictures to follow.
  • I’ve been catching up on my read-the-Bible-in-one-year plan. I didn’t read over vacation at the end of June and it’s been downhill from there. I am 10% done, but still behind the plan. And can I add that the authors of Exodus and Leviticus had way too much time on their hands? I particularly like the part where God told Moses how to build stuff, Moses told the people how to do it, and then it described the people doing it. I’m pretty sure we could edit that down to God said “x”. List it all once and then say “Moses told the people and they did as God had commanded Moses.” Done. Look, I would have saved several nights of reading if I had been around to edit for the scribes. And while I’m complaining about the redundancy, last night I began reading in Leviticus about the diseases and clean and unclean. Really, can’t we list a bunch of ailments and one set of procedures? It’s all the same. Didn’t they know about flow charts and the like? And one more thing, if the procedure for the cleansing ceremony is the same for rich people and poor people, except for the type of animals to be used, can’t we just say that? See, I’ve been reading. And I’m annoyed. I need some narrative or some applicable theology. And good news, according to Leviticus 13:40, “When a man has lost his hair and is bald, he is clean. If he has lost his hair from the front of his scalp and has a bald forehead, he is clean.” I’m reassured. You?
  • I’ve been inextricably drawn to the couch to watch men and women hit, balance, swing, twist, turn, and claw their way to medals. It’s really addictive. I would seek professional help, but I am promised that it will end soon.
  • I’ve been enjoying my last little bit of time with my family and friends, before all h@!! breaks loose and the students return. I was at a potluck cookout last night and am hosting one on Thursday.
  • I’ve been trying to catch up on my work and volunteer work. I’m supposed to have a book study ready by the end of the month. And I do the database management for a local charity fundraiser. We are supporting a Cancer Support Group this year.

See, it’s not you. It’s me.

Hope to write you soon!



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