The Unexpected and Exceptional: Media Monday


Today was the beginning of another school year. Football camp (and the chaos) began with the athletes checking in for three weeks of practice, strategy, weightlifting, and fitness training before classes commence. I only got the chance to see one student who I know well and it was wonderful to see him. Part of me is ready for school to begin again and to see my favorites return; the work load part of me is not. The thing is that you never know when something unexpected and exceptional will happen is a school year. And it is that excitement and hope that keeps those of us who love education going.

Here’s a clip of Rodney Dangerfield as Thornton Melon in Back to School (1986) executing something truly unexpected and exceptional. Enjoy!

When or where will the unexpected and exceptional find you this year?


2 thoughts on “The Unexpected and Exceptional: Media Monday

    • I didn’t go to a school with football, neither did my parents, so I didn’t get sucked in to the drama. But I do love NFL! Our house supports the Patriots and Eagles. So I second you CV, bring it!

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