The First Fifty Followers…

Nothin’ but love

Let me tell you what I know about them…

They love to read encouraging, and sometimes humorous, writing. And love to laugh at others as well as themselves. They believe that we are all connected and can learn from each other‘s experiences. They try to be a better person. They are brilliant and insightful. They care. They seek the positive side in every situation and recognize we need others to help us see it. They are motivated to make a difference in other’s lives. They ask questions. They seek answers. They appreciate the beauty others create. They value family, love, and belonging. They are people of faith.

They are appreciated. Their comments are uplifting and helpful. Their continued clicking brings joy. Their diversity inspires. Their presence motivates. They are prayed for and loved.

Aren’t you glad to be part of this amazing blogging family?

Thank you!


If this sounds like you but you aren’t one of the fifty, what are you waiting for?
You are cordially invited to join our blogging family.

One thought on “The First Fifty Followers…

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