What’s up with the monkeys?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about calling my kids monkeys and the somewhat disturbing use of monkey pictures on various posts. One friend even thought that Coach and I actually had a pet monkey that was having surgery, as if we don’t have enough to worry about. So here is some Q & A to clear up any misconceptions:

Why don’t you just use your family’s names?

This is my blog and I didn’t think it right to pull them into it. I haven’t even given my name (I just use ~w), except to the guy who erroneously guessed Wilma. I am not a Flintstone. I have no intention of posting anything horrible about any of my family or friends, but thought it best to keep it simple.

Where did the pseudonyms come from?

Coach is my husband. He is an AP Cal teacher and soccer coach. He identifies himself as a coach most often and it’s a nice simple name, so I went with it.

Little Man is my oldest son. He just turned 5. His name originated on February 14, 2007 when we had the ultrasound that let us know a little man was on the way. I have referred to him as that since that day. I recognize that as he is 3’10” as a 5 year old, he isn’t technically little, but he will always be my Little Man.

Little Monkey is my youngest son. He is about to turn 2 and he is a monkey. He climbs all over tables, chairs, furniture, and anything else he can. When you pick him up, he often lets his back go limp and falls over backwards and hangs like a little monkey. And when he wants to be held, he clings to you and won’t let go. I can let go and he’s still attached to me, like a little monkey.

(There was a bit of a selection process. One name that was discarded was terrorist as they terrorize everything and everyone, but I figured the FBI, CIA, MI5, Interpol, the KGB, and whoever else have enough to do and didn’t need to be bogged down reading my posts every day. Hope they all enjoy this one! 😉 )

Why all the “creepy” monkey pictures?

Little Monkey has been the source of a lot of recent posts about his birth defect and surgery to fix it. Since I don’t want to use their names, I certainly don’t want to use their pictures. (I used Coach’s once, but asked his permission. I think he was OK with it because it was him with Anson Dorrance.) It occurred to me that with the power of Google images, I might be able to find a picture of a sick monkey. And indeed I was. I got great feedback about that image. In my joy over Little Monkey’s successful surgery and impending recovery, I got a little over zealous with the monkey illustrations for our day of surgery. But again Google images delivered. Little Man and Little Monkey were both fascinated with the image of the monkey driving the toy car and have both asked to see it again. I don’t plan on the continued use of monkey pictures as family portraits; it was simply a fun distraction from the reality that was facing Little Monkey.

Any  more questions? Please comment with them and I will respond.


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