Answered Prayers

Today was a big day for Little Monkey and our family. It was surgery day. For the past month and a half, we have been dealing with his condition and what it was going to mean for him. From the moment we knew something was amiss, we began asking for prayers. Prayers for Little Monkey, our family, and the medical staff that would lead us to the answer and resolution. Last week, we found an amazing surgeon who knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix. And today was the day. And prayers were sent up from around the world for our Little Monkey.

Pre-op Play

Here’s how it went:  After a late-night game of Phase 10 with our wonderful friends (the Statistics teacher won, go figure), Coach and I were up at 4:25 to get ready. We loaded the boys in the van and were off well before sunrise. Little Man fell back asleep. Little Monkey, on the other hand, stayed alert and kept asking for a movie, which we refused in hopes that he would sleep. No such luck. Little Monkey was excited to arrive at the surgical center. There were toys everywhere-cars to drive around, a basketball hoop, and a kitchen set. He thought it was great! The nurses got a kick out of watching him because every time they called his name, he came running. Little did he know what they had in store for him.

In the OR

Surgery was scheduled for 7:30. We meet with the anesthesiologist who shared her process. He would be gassed and then an IV inserted, so he wouldn’t feel anything.  One of us would be able to go to the ER while they gassed. I jumped at the chance. Coach and Little Man said their goodbyes and kissed him. I, in my oh-so-attractive hospital garb, carried my Little Monkey to the OR. After laying him down on the table, the mask was placed over his mouth and nose while I was left to hold his little hand. He fought it for a few seconds. I asked if he wanted me to sing. He said, “No,” so I closed my eyes and gave him over to God and the surgeon. When I opened them, he was still fighting a bit and I asked him again if I could sing. He shook his head yes. So I sang, You make me so very happy. You make me so very happy, Monkey I’m so glad you came into my life. As I began to sing, he calmed down and let the gas do its work. I was able to kiss him on the cheek and was escorted out. As I walked back to the room, I thought about what I had just done, the possibilities of what could happen, and then I felt a calm pour over me. It was an assurance that Coach and I had done everything we could. We found a great surgeon. We recruited prayer warriors. And we gave him over to God’s loving hands. All that was left was to wait.

Coach and Little Monkey

Little Man kept us occupied with coloring, games, and tv, but I was still watching the clock. The surgeon was called to the ER over the intercom. I noted the time and expected to see her within 30 minutes to tell us all went well. It was a long 30 minutes and I kissed Little Man a lot during that time, but she came just as I thought she would. The surgery was indeed a success. The sinus was relatively easy to remove, but a little longer than she had anticipated. He was in recovery and would be brought to us shortly. We rearranged the room a bit to get ready. I went for a potty break, and as is always the case in hospitals or restaurants, the minute I walked away things happened. Walking back to the room, I heard his cry. Coach was already at his bedside trying to console him. They suggested one of us hold him. Coach quickly wrapped him up in his big arms with a quilt made by my grandmother and rocked him back to sleep. The two stayed that way for nearly an hour. As a friend said,  “Makes me think of being wrapped in the arms of my Heavenly Father!!!! Precious!” And while it was only Little Monkey who looked that way. That’s what we all felt!

Family Portrait
(I’m the good-looking one!)

When he woke again, both boys were given icy pops. The IV came out. The surgeon and anesthesiologist cleared him and we were on our way only 4 hours after arriving. Little Monkey snoozed on and off on the way home, ate like a pig when we got home, napped on/with Coach for over 2 hours, and then played with Big Brother in the playroom for a while. He is currently demanding that we cook him dinner. He still has a wrap around his neck. He kind of looks like a civil war soldier with an uncomfortable bandage, but he’s not bothered by it too much. All in all, I’d say we are on a way to a great recovery!

Thank you for those of you who prayed for Little Monkey, our family, and the medical staff. Little Monkey is doing well. Our family is one. And the medical staff were wonderful! Today was an answer to prayer!


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