An Unfinished Dream

How often do we dream at night? Research says every night, we just don’t remember it. And of those times we remember, how many of those dreams are chopped short? We wake up wondering what was going to happen. We try to fall back asleep in the hope that we can pick up where we left off, like picking up a book with a bookmark. Unfortunately it seldom works. We are left to make up our own ending, something that makes sense, something that allows us to let it go and get on with our day.


Tuesday night, Coach and I went on a double date with some great friends. With two amazing soccer girls watching the monkeys, we headed to Gainesville for dinner at Olive Garden (I tried the new Parmesan Crusted Shrimp…amazing!) and to watch The Dark Night Rises. We had a great time. The movie was stellar, a little long but stellar. And I loved the ending.


(Spoiler Alert Section)

The film was fantastic. Admittedly, I am a Christian Bale fan. I’ve loved his work since Newsies (and was thrilled to see that he went to visit Aurora.) And I love to see how regardless of the evil in the world, good is triumphant and help comes from the oddest places-a thief, a fellow prisoner, or a police officer with a warrant for your arrest. That’s why we are drawn to the superhero genre I suppose. I also called that Miranda was the real villain. I was so pleased with myself. Anne Hathaway did a remarkably nice job as Cat Woman. After doing as many Disney movies as she did, she has a tendency to be annoying and overact, but this was a nice turn for her I think. And I am a huge fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin. Coach said that Christopher Nolan is out and won’t do any more Batmans, but I hope he reconsiders in the future. Those three had great chemistry and could make another very successful movie together.


(End of Spoiler Alert Section)

As we drove home and reflected on the film, we all admitted that at various times our thoughts left the plot and wandered to the events in Aurora and those twelve people and their families and friends. The other girl we were with saw a lady suddenly appear in the theatre and she jumped. At a gun battle, I looked at my watch to see if this might have been the time when Holmes opened fire. I realized that this was too far into the movie and those twelve people never saw this much. It was a discomforting movie experience to be honest.

As I awoke the next morning, I was still so tired, but I had a strange realization that I remembered my dream and it finished. I got to see the whole thing. There was some evil man who was trying to hurt people, a gun was involved, but he was stopped and everyone was safe. I wasn’t left wondering. And that was oddly discomforting. I couldn’t figure out why. As I reflected on it, pieces fell into place.

Our dreams reflect life or so we are told. And in life, we don’t know what is coming our way. We are always wondering: where will this relationship go, this job, my finances, my health, or my family? And dreams are the same way. While we may be frustrated with not knowing, we are familiar and comfortable with that feeling. We are left to write the ending, to make the decision about the choices our dream characters would make and what consequences those choices would bring about. When a dream finishes, we are robbed of that mystery and those choices.Those twelve people in Aurora were also robbed of the mystery of life and the ability to make choices and see what consequences those choices would bring about. And as I woke on Wednesday morning with that uncomfortable feeling of a finished dream, I knew that feeling was echoed by the friends and families of those twelve victims and the 58 wounded and their family and friends. And as I felt that I needed to be comforted, they too need comfort. And support. And prayer. What they wouldn’t give for an unfinished dream!


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