The Comfort of Competence

Yesterday, my husband and I traveled to Atlanta with our Little Monkey to another pediatric ENT. And it went really well. (If you discount the horrendously long wait to see the doctor. They did have some awesome fish tanks, but you can only look at fish and turtles for so long.) I had wanted to post an update last night, but I feel asleep on the couch at 8pm. I was beat! So here it is:

Dr. Statham (sorry ladies, no relation to Jason Statham; I was hoping for a good-looking cousin at least, but this doc’s a lady) knew exactly what was wrong and what needed to be done as soon as she saw his little neck. She explained the condition, procedure, and recovery process very clearly. She will make a small 1/2″ incision in his neck and remove the brachial cleft sinus, which connects to the outside of the tonsils, a short and easy-to-follow path in a very small child. The incision will be closed internally with dissolvable stitches, covered with a liquid bandage-type substance, and packed with a dressing that looks like the top of turtle neck. (As he grows the small scare will shift down his neck and by the time he is grown it should be hidden by a collared shirt.) The entire procedure will likely take 15-20 minutes, but the OR will be booked for about 45 minutes. He will be under anesthesia for less than an hour. His pain will be controlled with higher doses of Tylenol and he will be able to take a bath that night, but will need to avoid full-on brother play for a few days. (Soccer girls, he is cleared to attend your tournament the next day in Habersham.) Based on what we were initially told and the images I found online, this is amazingly simple in comparison and Dr. Statham does this procedure on a fairly routine basis. She wanted to get it taken care of pretty quickly, so that he doesn’t have the chance to experience any further problems or get an infection. We also wanted to get it done quickly, because once life at a boarding school starts it doesn’t stop until graduation. As a result, he is scheduled for surgery next Friday at an outpatient center a little closer to home and not near all the chaos of Emory Hospital. (Case in point: I drove because my husband’s foot is still healing. I dropped them off and went to park the van in the near-by parking garage. 15 or so minutes later I arrived at the clinic. Coach asked, “What took so long? Were you just driving in circles?” “Actually, yes. I had to circle around seven levels of the parking deck before I found a spot.” I’m so glad we don’t have to fight that every day like was did in Boston.)

We are so grateful for Dr. Statham’s expertise and the time she spent with us explaining everything and answering our questions. We are humbled by the love and support from our family (my parents stayed with Little Man, so we could focus on Little Monkey), our friends, our past students, and my fellow bloggers. We are in awe at the power, grace, and mercy God is pouring on our entire family. Our faith sustains as we move toward next Friday with far more confidence than we had before. We wanted to find the right surgeon to operate and we feel that we have. There is a huge blessing in that for us!

I will let you know how things go on the 27th! Blessings ~w


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